It begins with a sense of purpose. Wanting to make a statement. Wanting to make a difference.

We’re driven by the power to transform things. To create new opportunities. To build new models that enable success.

That’s just how we are. And above all, we’re inspired by collaborations with those who share our drive for excellence.

Together, we can building something bigger, more powerful. Together, we can make an impact.

About us

PRIMER is a network of select experienced leaders that represent a new emerging majority who come together to create opportunities professionally and for their communities.

At our core is a focus on the power of relationships and collaborations, allowing our members to share knowledge and become stronger leaders.

As a group, we’re driven to increase diversity in corporate America, including corporate boards, as well as the number of entrepreneurs driving innovation in our economy.


We bring together leaders for a boldly diverse America through shared values to collaborate and create opportunities.


To connect, nurture and represent the new Latino and emerging majority leaders for a boldly diverse America.

What we do

PRIMER provides its members access to each other, and to the broader network they represent, including leading corporations. Members connect around passion points and opportunities. We prize conversations and collaborations.

Our select group of experienced leaders come together quarterly to discuss relevant topics to their businesses and communities. These conversations continue organically through the network.

The human touch is supported by tools such as contact databases and listings of opportunities, giving our members access to critical information that can help them advance professionally

Emerging majority

America has always been boldly diverse, giving our nation its strength of character and rich cultural perspective. This continues today with Latinos and other groups driving demographic and economic growth. This new America, more multicultural in hues and experiences, requires a net set of leaders to represent it. This dynamic framework inspires our vision and guides our actions.


Our country has changed.
We look different than we did 50 years ago.

This new America requires a new set of leaders with an understanding of real-world needs and solutions.

These are the game changers that work together to continue making our nation great.

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Our members and partners share their news, innovations as well as thought
pieces reflecting business trends and opportunities.

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P.O. Box 36-20900
Port Authority Convenience Center
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